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Visual Literacy Image Pair With Text

The image that I chose to use was an ad that was very simple and short. I chose it because the word absolute stood out. When people think of guns they usually think of what happens once that trigger is pulled and how it will affect them. Whatever action happens with a gun is absolute. Once you have shot a gun there is no taking it back or apologizing for what has happened. The effects that are caused by a gun are ever lasting and absolute. I have placed the other words from the ad around the word absolute to create the illusion of gunfire, because all the other words in the ad mean nothing compared to the relation to absolute and the gun.  I have arranged the letters in a random pattern, thrown all over the page. These letters are smaller than the word absolute. The image clearly states that the boy will be using the gun in a way that will be the absolute in the end.


Visual Literacy Image Pair #2

With my second image I took the image of an eye and an IV.  I chose the eye because to different people it means different things. A lot of people see it as a gateway to the soul or heart. Other’s see it as simple an item, or part of beauty.  And then the image of an IV can be seen as a helpful tool. With these images together people could see the idea of helping the eyes. Or someone might see it as feeding the soul. The way I the images was to see the image as the IV feeding into the eye, but I wanted to show an idea of supplying beauty into the gateway to a being. I want the viewer to come away with the thought of supplying beauty into the eye.  I wanted to do this because I personally believe the eye is a place that holds a great amount of beauty but sometimes it is fake beauty given to it by make-up or contacts.

Visual Literacy Image Pair #1

In this first piece I chose two different images, one of a gun and the other of a boy. These images both stood out to me for different reasons. I chose the gun because I found it to be an interesting object. When most people see a gun, they see it as threatening or a scary thing. But when it is in the hands of a cop, most people see it as safe. Guns are an image that upon the first sight of it people are right away scared of no matter what its intent might be. That in itself makes that image appeal to me. My second image was of an average boy, his face downwards and looking off. When you first look at it you might think he is sad or simply thinking about something. All based off of how I had them arrange creates a whole new meaning. Each viewer will see a different meaning. Some might see a man with a gun in front of him and he’s going to shoot someone. Another person could see a depressed boy with a gun and he’s thinking about a choice, like killing another person. Or maybe even his self. The message I wanted to get across with my images is that what you see may not be the truth. By placing the gun in front of the boy it makes it seem like he is in control of the gun. He has a choice of what will happen with it. I want everyone to take away that you are in charge of your own future.