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Visual Literacy Project 3

Chunking is the amount of information that can be kept in your short-term memory. We use chunking more than we really realize in our everyday life.  Whenever we listen to the radio or read over notes we are using chunking. The average amount of information that you can retain in your short-term memory ranges between four plus or minus one to seven plus or minus two. When ads come over the radio they use chunking to try and keep the most amount of information possible in your mind. When using chunking it is better to use simple words instead of large complex words. Instead of saying that the product will help you sooth you they say calm. Simply because you are more likely to remember calm than you are sooth because you use calm in everyday conversation, were you do not use sooth as much. It is also better to repeat a word or phrase over and over to cause it to stand out in our short-term memory. If you are only going to remember about 4 words in your short term memory and they want it to be a certain word they will repeat that over and over so that it will take up at least one of those spots in your short term memory. Chunking is used whenever you are trying to remember a phone number, directions, studying for a test, or even listening to advertisements. It is used all around in an everyday life by ourselves or by others.


Visual Literacy Project 2

For this project we were told to take a book of our liking and change the cover giving it a hard back and a soft back cover. For me this project was of more importance than any other project we have had to do. This is due to the fact that I chose my fathers book to remake the cover of. He had been working the book almost 15 year before he got it published but I’ve always hated the cover of it. The story is set around male gymnast so I knew right away that my cover had to involve some sort of gymnastics reference.  My first ideas were a bit too dark and girly for the type of book it is. So for help I went to my father’s gym with a camera and began to take photos. I found an image that I felt was very nice and began to edit with it. At first the way I was going was very boxy and dark. But slowly through editing and pushing and pulling I created the perfect image. The picture takes up the whole of the cover with a nice blue color. I feel this blue is very effective due to the fact that it’s the blue most commonly used in mats at gyms. The image is of a male gymnast behind a pommel horse, with the main focus on the horse with him simply in the background. It is a very simply cover that conveys a great amount of information. The boy in the background has no head which gives way for the reader to place there own image of the characters there, or even themselves. 

VIN #2

Within this chapter we learn about symbols and icons.  Although some may no know the difference between the two there is actually a large difference. With an icon it is an image that stands for something.  And even if you have never seen it before you would know what it means. Like an image of a girl with a line through it means ‘no girls’.  The icon is an easy thing to understand and is easy to read as a whole. Even the basic of children can look at an icon and understand what it means if they have seen the related image.
With symbols you need to know what the image means before you can understand what it means. The symbol of a female looks nothing like a girl. It is a cross with a circle at the top of it. Or the symbol for male is a circle with an arrow out of the topside. Just because some people know what the symbol means doesn’t mean everyone does. It is all based off the viewer’s knowledge before looking at the image. There are many symbols in the world and most people do not know what they mean.