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Typography Project 1

For this project we were able to pick out a word of our choice and place it somewhere within the environment. I chose the word ‘LUST’ for my word and placed it in a privet location. When I first began I thought of placing it on a body for the most common idea of lust. But after thinking it over I choice to place the letter on flowers on a bed. The bed is for the most common reason, since that is where must lustful things happen. But i choice the flowers for a not so common reason. When people think of white flowers, most commonly roses, they think of purity. So here are four pure white roses with a word like lust placed on them. It causes the viewer to have to think of why such flowers are branded as such. I believe that sometimes the more pure a being tries to be the more tainted they really are. I had arranged the flowers in many different ways but this flat way was the most pleasing. It seems to give the image of laying flat, which could be a lustful postition in certen peoples veiw. Thoe it is hard to tell the flowers are laying on a red silk sheet. Red seems to be the truest color of passion that one can find. And silk is the most pleasent fabric to touch most of the time. So red silk show the true meaning of lust under the false white roses.