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Photography Observation and Interaction

For this project we were to go to an environment and either observe it or interact with it and take pictures of what we have done. With this project I went out and took photo’s at two different locations. One spot was the Imagination Station and the park that is located beside it. The pictures that I took here were mostly observation pictures. The second location was a run down building in the downtown area. This building had so many interesting things that I had to take pictures of it, most of which were interaction.


Typography Project 2

With this project we were to take two different letter forms and combine them in a letter form. When I did this it was very hard to start with. The letters I ended up picking were & and S. I did this because I felt they followed together very nicely. When placing them on the side it almost seemed like a creature of some sorts. Then we were told to crop an area within the figure. I feel that my image zoom in was far more better than the original pair. We also changed the colors to complement each other.


Photography History of Things

Within this project  we were told to find items that were dear to us and take photographs of them. They are to be placed in places that are interesting visual and mentally. My Items were four little butterflies and flower pins and a pearl necklace. The necklace was my mothers grandmothers necklace. She was a very large woman with a great love for expensive jewelry. They were passed to my grandmother then to my mother and one day to me. They are very beautiful and elegant. The pins were my fathers grandmothers pins. She wore them on her wedding day along the side of her dress. Her nick name was butterfly so it was her wedding gift from her father.














Photography 24 Hour

Within this project we were told to document 24 hours of our lives with a camera. Take pictures of the things around us as well as the things we do. Here are just a few photos that I took with a bit of writing that I wrote when I took the pictures.