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Photography Final Project

For our final project we were given free roam on anything that we wanted to do. we looked through many different style of photos to give us some sort of idea on what we might want to do. Within the different types we came across a woman who would do different movie scenes, acting them out herself. I though how many people have felt I’m many different people with my different styles. So I decided to do my different personas. I of course had help taking pictures of myself as I would dress in different clothes that would physically show my different selves. I had a great many of them: punk, prep, working woman, hippie, geek, nerd and a girl from the streets of a city in Japan. Each picture tried to show my many different sides. We were to upload six images and then print one. I have all of them here but for the Japanese girl. that on was made into a print.


Typography Movie Posters

These are a few selected movie posters that I am drawn to. Th style is quite interesting and I like the simplistic feel to them.