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Project 1.2

Image_Text_for_webWithin this project we were to chose a classifide ad and relate it to our image pair. There were two ways we were going to do this. The first was to place the clasifide ad in the image pair itself. The second way was to use a 10 by 10 and arrange the words there. My ad was about ‘beautiful, discreet women’ that were ‘all about you.’ I felt this add work well with my computision because of how the women in my image pair was beautiful but at the same is a discreet women. She does not let her true side show through and only shows you the beautiful side. She is also the kind of girl that would think it’s all about her. With the text I chose to make it all outline to mimk the image pair I have no havy lines or dark areas. I didn’t want my text to out weigh my image pair. With it in this font and outlined it flows quite like the butterfly.





Within the second chapter of the Visual Literacy book, Visible Signs, there is a great deal said about the relation to thoughts or objects with symbols and signs. When you see signs and you think of the object it is an index. When you see a traffic light and think of the action that goes with it that is an example of an index. An icon is a sign that represents a physical object. A symbol is a sign that has no visual connection between it and what it means. There are also three different levels of signs according to Peirce. The first is a sence of something and that is firstness. The second is a fact based sign and it is called secondness. And the third is a mental result to a sign and that is thirdness. Peirce also talks about semiosis which is where a sign can have many different meanings. It could all be determined by the person that is reading it. Each person has a different life experience and each one could cause a person to view a sign different from a person with a completely different life. Value, according to Saussure, is what caused a sign to have meaning. IT is where the sign gains meaning based off of other signs that are similar to that sign. A syntagm is a collection of signs, such as letters, that are in a linear sequence. When in this sequence they are read and understood. When arranging the sequence you are able to trade one sign for another that is called Paradigm.  When this is done it also creates a metaphor, which is something that is used quite often in advertisements.


These are the image collections from the first project in Photo 2. We were to take pictures in different lighting situations in different tempatures.
















Project 1 Image Pair

               For this project we were told to take line art images and find common ground between them. Then on a 10×10 area place them in a pairing that was visually interesting. The image pair that I selected is one that is mysterious and secretive.  The images I used were that of a butterfly, an image that I took from a simple children story book, and that of a woman with her finger in the hush motion, an ad for a female product. I placed these images together by placing the butterfly wing over the woman’s face. What I was trying to say with these image pair is that women are expected to be delicate and genital like a butterfly. But most women are not as such and are really mysterious and secretive. These image paired together makes it seem like the woman is hiding her secretive ways behind the idea or image of being a gental and delicate women, like the butterfly.