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The final stage of this Sirens of this project was to take the text that we created in the second project and create a collage that goes along with it. They way I read my text was ‘Discreet, Beautiful. All About You. Occasion Ladies.’ What came to my mind at first was the idea of Japanese geisha. And the idea that they were the original discreet beauties. But then as I worked I developed the idea of sirens. Women in the sea that were very discreet and beautiful and would toy with men making them think it was all about them. So I combined the two ideas together to create my final image. I found an image of a greek ship in the myth idea of sirens. Then I placed it in a tube of water and made it look as if the Geisha were playing with the ship. The background was one that was quite hard to decide on but in the end I went with the bathhouse image for a number of reasons. The main one was that it is highly discreet and beautiful just like the women. It almost seems like a closed in place where a siren would lure you and you would never escape.




Here are the image sets that I can not make my mind on. Feedback would be great.