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Project 2

This project was a way for us to use InDesign and recreate book covers of our choice. I had many ideas for different covers in the beginning. I couldn’t place what cover I wanted to work on untill I picked up a small book called, “Japanese Learners Dictionary.” When I saw the blank cover with just a splash of color I knew that this was the book that I needed to do. My original idea was to show a more charming or even sexy images of Japan. I first started with an image of a modern girl vs a traditional one. But I soon shifted my attention fully on geisha’s once again. I started with a picture of a young woman who had a painted face with a fan. But soon after move to the image of the woman from the movie, “Memoirs of a Geshia.” I feel in love with the image right away. She has a calming air yet at the same time a sexy look to her. Happy with the front image I went in search of a back image. I wanted something that was simple yet traditional so I found a wonderful wall scroll that worked perfectly for the back. All that combined with some chosen text comes together to form my covers.








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