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Project 3

With this project I started with the idea of using a man drowning and being pulled down by time, either a clock or an hourglass. But as I worked with that it started to not be what I had wanted. So I started to look at images of women being carried away. I found one that I wanted and placed it with chains and a clock. To me the image almost looks like a really old and chessy sci-fi movie poster. So I felt placing the chessy caption on it would make it even more so. Now I wanted to place this images at places where time is an issue, where you never seem to have enough or it gets taken away. The first place I put it was at school which I never feel I have time to do all my projects. The second is at Wal-Mart becasue that’s where you go to get everything when you have no time. The third is on a train at a train crossing where you can sit for hours. And the final is at the tunnel that was built to help handle trafic but can be one of the most time consuming and out of the way routes you can take in Chattanooga.































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